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This Week!
Cars  Area B
Milan is adopting severe anti-pollution regulations.
.:. Starting from February 25, 2019 seriously polluting vehicles - i.e. pre-Euro 4 petrol cars, pre-Euro 5 diesel vehicles and Euro 4 diesel vehicles without particulate filter (DPF) - are not allowed to enter nearly all the urban territory from 7:30am to 7:30pm.
.:. The identified area is called Area B. Our map, borrowed from the City of Milano cartographic services, shows the area, and where entry controls are operational.
.:. On Saturdays, Sundays and public festivities, however, this restriction is not enforced. Enforcement itself is gradual, as a small amount of entrances is temporarily allowed before the restriction becomes definitive.
.:. If you want to enter under any special rules, you have to register on the City of Milano website. Translation is provided through Google Translate.
.:. Area B regulations do not envolve any payments. Simply, seriously polluting vehicles cannot access Area B at all.
.:. The relevant regulations, which are not simple, can be found here. Translation is provided through Google Translate.

CiaoMilano .:. Milano. Area B
Area B, nearly all the urban territory

Cars  Area C, or Congestion charge
From January 2, 2008 driving into the central area enclosed by the ’Viali’ or ‘Bastioni’ has become a costly business.
.:. The single-day ticket is currently Euro 5, with no exceptions for foreing vehicles. It can be paid online, also through PayPal, at the relevant website. Translation is provided through Google Translate.
.:. No ticket, instead, before 7:30am or after 7:30pm, and no ticket on Saturdays and Sundays.
.:. Since January 16, 2012, the rules have been updated, with residents enjoying less exceptions. The involved area inside the Bastioni has been called Area C, where C stands for Congestion Charge.
.:. Euro 0 petrol cars, pre-Euro 5 diesel vehicles and Euro 4 diesel vehicles l without particulate filter (DPF) are not allowed into the center at all.

Motorbikes  Motorbikes and Scooters
Motorbikes and scooters do not need any tickets, and do not pay to enter the Area C. (Keep in mind, however, that you are not allowed to drive any Euro 0 or Euro 1 two-stroke motorbike anywhere in Milan.)

Information  Take Note
Don't drive in the central area anyway! The sosta su strada parking system is based on complicated parking meters. If you really want to take the car, the best solution is to leave it in one of the twenty or so guarded parking lots in the downtown area.

Among the most central are
.:. Garage Meravigli (Castello district), Via Camperio 4
.:. Garage Velasca (Duomo district), Via Pantano 4
.:. Garage Rinascente (Duomo district), Via Agnello
.:. Garage Augusto (Duomo district), Corso Europa 2
.:. Garage Diaz (Duomo district), Piazza Armando Diaz

Just in case, the phone number of the city police tow-away service is 02 77270280.

CiaoMilano .:. Milano. Area C
The Area C congestion charge area (at the center) enclosed by the ’Viali’ or ‘Bastioni’


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