This Week!
This Week!
There are many railway stations in Milan. The following are the ones you're most likely to come across.

Train  Milano Centrale
The main station in town is the Stazione Centrale, departure point for most international and high-speed trains.
.:. For information and reservations, visit the Trenitalia website or call 892021 (on payment, from Italy only) or [+39] 06 68475475 (from outside Italy).
.:. Credit cards from other countries than Italy are not necessarily accepted on the Trenitalia website.
.:. In December 2014 the privately-owned company Italo introduced direct high-speed connections between Milano Centrale and Roma Termini, the main station of Rome. Thus Italo, officially named Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, has become a fierce competitor of Trenitalia in the upper section of the market.
.:. As for left luggage, here's a letter from our readers.

Train Piazza Duca d'Aosta
nearest subway stationCentrale FS (M2 green and M3 yellow)
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Train  Milano Porta Garibaldi
Some trains start and leave from the Porta Garibaldi station, in the new skyscrapers' area (confusingly called "Porta Nuova") north-west of the city center.

Train Piazza Sigmund Freud
nearest subway stationGaribaldi FS (M2 green, M5 lilac and Passante)
Point of Interest map

Train  Milano Lambrate
Some international trains stop only at the minor Lambrate railway station north-east of the city center, otherways a common resource for commuters through the TreNord regional railway company.

Train Via Rombon / Piazza Enrico Bottini
nearest subway stationLambrate FS (M2 green)
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Train  Milano Rogoredo
With similar functions as Lambrate, this station is south of the city center, on the line to Rome.

Train Via Giovanni Battista Cassinis
nearest subway stationRogoredo FS (M3 yellow)
Point of Interest map

Train  Milano Cadorna
The area north of Milan is covered by regional TreNord trains that start and leave from the Cadorna railway station.
.:. This is the downtown station for the Malpensa Express, the TreNord shuttle service from/to the Malpensa Airport.

Train Piazzale Luigi Cadorna
nearest subway stationCadorna (M1 red and M2 green)
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TreNord website

Malpensa Express
Malpensa Express shuttle train


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