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In order to fight any further diffusion of Covid-19, people are advised to be cautious when meeting others. A distance of a meter or so should be kept.
.:. Starting from May 1st, 2022, providing evidence to be vaccinated or healed when entering some venues has no longer been compulsory, and from October 1st, 2022 face masks are requested in retirement homes and hospitals only.
.:. Official news at the YesMilano website.

.:. art / let it shine 
April 6 through July 30, 2023
Thu-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm

Janssens's (Folkestone, UK, 1956) first retrospective in Italy provides a fascinating journey across a lady's transparent research. She has long being working on light and its effects on surfaces - frequently liquid surfaces - rather than on objects. Among the few exceptions here is a random collection of small river pebbles on the Hangar's surface, for the visitors to cautiously walk over.
.:. Preparing the exhibition required a series of site inspections, a result of which was convincing the hosts to let natural light enter the enormous pavilion, the first time ever. So you're better not come here if it's raining cats and dogs, as close doors would make the environment dark and less magic.
.:. Also, refrain from taking pictures. This is not forbidden but useless, especially when entering a room full of fog.

Ann Veronica Janssens. Grand Bal
Event Pirelli HangarBicocca
Via Chiese 2
Bicocca district
nearest subway stationPonale
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emtrance free
[+39] 02 66111573


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