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This Week!
In order to fight any further diffusion of COVID-19, people are advised to be very cautious when meeting others, even outdoor. A distance of a meter or so must be kept - and a face mask (better if surgical) worn - in case of any personal encounters.
.:. Milan and Lombardy are still at risk, though bars, restaurants, shops and even museums began reopening from June 3. Schools started again on September 14. Yet, though we kept our fingers crossed, a new lockdown has been enforced starting from November 5. This second lockdown has been partially lowered stating from Sunday, December 13.
.:. Official news at the YesMilano website.

Not far from the Piazza Duomo - only the short Corso Vittorio Emanuele lies between them - Piazza San Babila has been long famed as a pupular meeting-point for the affluent Milanese. A couple of theaters are reminders of those days, although the real "in" people now rarely show into such crowded surroundings.

Most of the square's architecture comes from the Fascist 1930s. Nearby Corso Matteotti is named after a Socialist MP killed in 1928; it was previously called Corso Littorio to honor Mussolini's favorite emblem.

The big fountain in the middle of Piazza San Babila is fairly recent, having been donated to the town by Fiera Milano, the Milan Exhibitions authority, in 1997.

The church dedicated to Saint Babila (pronounce bah-bee-lah, with the stress on the first vowel) was restored at the beginning of the 20th century, an example of the notorious "rebuild-it-as-it-might-have-looked" approach. Its origins are nonetheless really ancient, having been traced back to the 5th century.

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