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.:. Complaint of a Fuel Station and Hotel IBIS at Malpensa Airport 1/21/2010

Dear Sirs,
My group of 4 people, back from Expo Riva Schuh, Riva del Garda to Milan Malpensa airport on 19th January experienced two sad happenings.
1- We stopped at a Fuel Station - P.U. AGIP GARBINI PETROLI, AREA SERVIZIO MALPENSA EST to fill up the tank of Hired Car before returning the same to the Car Hire Ageny. By mistake we inserted a curency note of Euro 50 in thr wrong machine and got a voucher number 5067 - 22:55 - 19:01:10 showing a credit of Euro 50 but the Machine did not refund the money and also there was no one to complain or refund the money. We had to leave it as we had to catch a flight early next morning. We still have the Voucher. I am wondering if we have a chance of getting the refund somehow. We are in India and don't go to Italy often.
2- I booked 2 Rooms in Hotel Ibis Malpensa because of their offer on their website of free Shuttle Bus between the Hotel and Malpensa Airport. On returning from the Airport at 23:30 to the Hotel ( after checking the hired car in ), we did not find the Shuttle Bus at arrival gate exit 7. We waited for complete 25 Minutes for the Bus but it was not in sight. We also repeatedly made calls to the Hotel but the phone was continuously busy. As we were tired and shivering in cold, we decided to come back by Taxi payimg Euro 20. In the morning of 20th, we had to leave in two groups. One on 5.30 AM and the second at 8.30 AM. Although the Shuttle Buses were available at both times, we could not board because we did not make the booking in advance as per the Hotel Staff. In both cases , again we had to shell out Euro 25 each for Taxi. I checked on their website again but could not find the Clause of Advance booking of Shuttle Bus.
We are now a bit uncomfortable to visit Milan again.
Pawan Goyal

.:. CiaoMilano answer

Dear Pawan Goyal,

Thanks for writing to CiaoMilano :-)
We are very very sorry for the incidents you experienced.

Unfortunately, CiaoMilano is not any official tourist information center. We're only a free group of journalists who love their city.
You can get in touch with the Milan tourist authorities by writing to (they read in cc:)

Your complaint has been given due visibility on our CiaoMilano website.

See what we can do. Keep in touch.


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